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Shop our huge selection of yarn, fabric, kits, tools & more for all your creative needs.

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Make it in May!

Free Rug Instructions!

A rug crocheted with Pendleton wool selvage, and a large plastic crochet hook

Click here to learn how to crochet a beautiful rug using Pendleton wool selvage.

Rug Directions: Click here for free instructions

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For a limited time, we are running a promotion on our wool selvage; buy one/get one free. This offer is “while supplies last.” If you have certain fabric weights or colors in mind, call us and we will do our very best to get you taken care of.

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A West highland Terrier on a Pendleton dog bed.

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Pendleton Woolen Mill Store
8500 SE McLoughlin Blvd. Portland, OR 97222
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Make it with Wool

Make it with Wool

Rali Burleson, Arizona State Director of the Make It With Wool Contest, sent us a photo of herself in a dress sewn from a vintage (1949) Claire McCardell design pattern. She expects to “get a lot of mileage” out of the dress: she is able to wear it year-round in Arizona because it’s made from 100% AirLoom Merino wool (formerly known as Sir Pendleton fabric). This is a year-sound textile that is, as she says, “almost tissue-paper thin.”

The sewing process

I converted the gathers to pleats (an engineering feat in itself) and used couture techniques throughout (sew-in silk organza interfacing, Hong Kong finishes, stays along the neckline and bodice sides, hand-applied collar and invisible zipper, hand-knotted thread eyes, and more).


For the vintage look, I bought a navy cardigan with ¾ length sleeved-rounded toe pumps, and a structured handbag. For the evening look, I bought a navy satin border silk chiffon scarf to wear as a shawl, pointed-toe suede pumps, and a metallic box clutch.

Admiration for the seamstresses of yore!

I concluded that seamstresses of yore were of a different cut of cloth (pun intended). The vintage patterns I love so much are not for the faint of heart! And to think everyone made their own clothes, children’s clothes, household linens (quilts, embroidered tablecloths, pillowcases, aprons, and so on). Whew!

Would You Like to Enter?
Here is the new and improved National MIWW website:
Contests are run at the state level, and deadline dates (mostly this Fall) are listed by state. This is a great time to explore your state’s contest, especially with so many students expected to be home based this Fall. And don’t forget our September apparel fabric sale! 

Something fun for Friday: Custom Suits with Pendleton Wool

A Customer Note

We received these fun photos from one of our customers, and wanted to share with you all for a Friday smile.

Dear Pendleton,

I hope this is something that can put a smile to your face, and hopefully be shared with other Pendleton fans. My husband, Jordan, and his best friend Ian, each had custom suits made with Pendleton Wool, and they absolutely couldn’t be happier.


Jordan’s jacket is made of the “Basket Maker Turquoise” sponge weight fabric, and his pants are the Eco-wise wool in “Berry”. Ian’s jacket is made of “Pine Top Red”, and his paints are the color “Doe.” They accessorized with bolo ties, belt buckles, and the Stetson hats that they purchased over 10 years ago when they originally graduated. Both suits were beautifully tailored in Albuquerque, New Mexico by the tailor at Final Stitch Alterations and Clothing, who, I think, was pretty surprised by this request. I should also credit Ian’s dog Ned, who wanted to be in the picture.

Originally, they intended that the maiden voyage of these suits would be a yearly alumni event held in early March for their fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta, at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, where Ian, Jordan, and I attended college. Unfortunately, like so many other people during these challenging times, we were unable to attend this year’s event because of work requirements related to cross-state travel and quarantine.  Instead, Ian and his wife Maria hosted Jordan and I for our own mini alumni event in Albuquerque to celebrate our friendship, our health, and of course, the Pendleton suits. With any luck, the suits will make a more public debut at next year’s event. 

Thank you!


Emily thank YOU for sharing. We love seeing what creative people imagine with our fabrics.

More information needed?

Give us a call to find out about these fabrics, or any others you need for your projects. We are able to take orders via email and phone, and are happy to ship right to your door.

Pendleton Woolen Mill Store

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Creative Customer: Fit for a Queen!

Creativity Reigns!

We have two sets of photos of this young rider and contestant, in outfits made with Pendleton wool from our own USA looms. We couldn’t be more proud of how our patterns have been incorporated in these designs. You can click each photo to see a larger version.

First, a take a twirl with Rodeo Royalty: Pip competing at Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon in the dress she went on to wear during her reign as Little Miss NPRA 2018.

Dressed to ride

Next: Pip riding as she competed for Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon at the Philomath Frolic and Rodeo.

Her mother gave us all the details here:

My friend (designer at Ariana Head Designs) made these for my daughter to compete at Junior Miss Rodeo Oregon and for her to wear during her reign as Little Miss NPRA 2018.  We bought two yards of Pendleton and we were determined to use every piece we could. The dress was made with Pendleton and an aubergine velveteen. Those pictures were taken in fields outside of Pendleton, Oregon during the Round-Up. The vest was made with the same materials and patches added to her jeans which also matched her saddle pad (made by me).

Feeling inspired? Check out our fabrics here: Click to see Jacquard Wools (new tab)

All photos by CK Ferrache for Trailsong Photography. Used with permission, all rights reserved.


Crochet Rug Project

A fuzzy crocheted rug made with Pendleton scrap wool.Here are directions for the crochet rug we taught at the Sewing Expo.


  • Five pounds of selvages makes one 2’x3’ rug
    Size S crochet hook
    Yarn needle
  • Gauge
    Loose. Very loose. If you work tighter the rug will be firmer, however it can become very difficult to work through the stitches if you are too tight.

Getting Started

Find the end of the selvage, or cut a section to make a starting point. Wind the selvage into balls, splicing the ends together if you come to an end. If it gets too tangled, you can cut it and splice the ends together.

Making the Rug

  • Splicing
    Pull the weft yarns out of the warps for the 2 inches at the end of each selvage strand. Place all 4 ends together and tie an overhand knot. Trim ends even with selvage fringe.
  • Technique: Single Crochet
    Chain 10-24 Stitches. The number of stitches in your chain will determine the shape of your rug. Starting with just a few will give you a rounder shape; more will create a longer oval.
    Row 1:
    Single crochet in second chain from hook and each chain across to last chain.
    Do not turn the work, instead chain 1* and work the other side of your beginning chain.
    This is the first round or row.
    *Adjustments: If you are using thick selvage, or think you need a little more room on the end, chain 2-3 stitches off the end of row 1.
  • Shaping:
    Continue: Repeat around chain, increasing at ends of rug until reaching desired size.
    Note: Sometimes you will need to adjust your increases to shape your rug.
    If rug begins to ruffle you are increasing too much.
    If rug begins to bowl you are not increasing enough.
  • Ending:
    Taper the wool by dropping one of the two selvage strands, and crochet two more stitches. Cut the selvage and pull through. Use a yarn needle to weave in the ends.
  • Care:
    Dry clean or hand wash. For hand washing, soak in mild soap and tepid water in tub. Drain tub, refill with cool water to rinse soap. When soap is rinsed out, run through the spin cycle of washing machine to remove most of water then lay flat to dry in ventilated area.