Heavy Weight Jacquards

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All Fabric and Raw Material Purchases Are Final Sale

$124/yard. 32 ounces/yard. 64 inches wide. 88% wool/ 12% cotton

Rio Rancho Black- 16.5in repeat January 2023
Walking Rock B/W- 25.5in repeat

A roll of Pendleton wool fabric in Walking Rock, red
Walking Rock Red- 25.5in repeat

Condensed White- 9.5in repeat

Condensed Black- 9.5in repeat

Condensed Turquoise- 9.5in repeat

Overall Sapphire- 25in repeat

Land of the Buffalo- 22.5in repeat

Rio Rancho Turquoise- 16.5in repeat

San Gabriel Blue- 13in repeat

American Treasure- 10.75in repeat

Shonto Wheatlands- 11in repeat

Scout Stripe- 17.5in repeat, $99.99/yard

Greyscale- 19.5in repeat

Diamond Ridge White- 18in repeat

Harding Black/Tan- 11in repeat

Harding Tonal- 11in repeat

SOLD OUT Brown Pacific Crest- 14in repeat
Restock April 2022

A roll of Pendleton wool fabric in Trailhead Blue, a white fabric background with a large pattern of light blue, dark blue, and black, interwoven diamond shapes with small hooks.
SOLD OUT Trailhead Blue
Restock February 2023

SOLD OUT Big Thunder Scarlet
Restock February 2023
SOLD OUT Rancho Arroyo Silver- 17.5in repeat
Restock March 2023

SOLD OUT Coyote Butte Bright- 9in repeat
Restock May 2023
SOLD OUT Rancho Arroyo Aqua- 17.5in repeat
Restock May 2023
Spirit of the People- 9in repeat
Restock May 2023