Blanket Weight Wool Jacquards

The Woolen Mill store is the flagship Pendleton Fabric Store, with more than 300 rolls of wool fabric hanging!

Check back often, as new fabrics are added on a regular basis.  Quantities of some fabrics may be limited.  Please call the store at (503) 535-5786 to place an order or request swatches.

Keep in mind that colors on your computer screen may not match actual fabric colors.  Our blanket weight wool jacquards are completely reversible.  For best color matching, call the Woolen Mill Store to request a fabric swatch.

For questions, call the Woolen Mill Store at (503) 535-5786 or email us at

All Jacquards: $109.00/yard

30 oz. per yard, 64″ wide



Rancho Arroyo Aqua

Item #30055
Repeat Size: 17.5 inches


Rancho Arroyo Silver

Item #84474
Repeat Size: 17.5 inches


San Gabriel Blue.JPG


San Gabriel Blue

Item#  71300
Repeat size: 12 inches


La Paz Scarlett.JPG

La Paz Scarlett

Item#  29958
Repeat size: 17 inches



Harding Tonal

Item #81995
Repeat Size: 11 inches



Rio Rancho Black

Item  #022276
Repeat Size: 16.5 inches



Tucson Black

Item #77421
Repeat Size: 13.5 inches


Tucson Aqua.JPG

Tucson Aqua

Item #77852
Repeat Size: 13.5 inches



Land of the Buffalo

Item #150830
Repeat Size: 23 inches



Harding Black/Tan

Item #90293
Repeat Size: 11 inches


Diamond Ridge

Item #163103
Repeat size: 18.5 inches 


Trailhead Blue

Item #115762
Repeat Size: 18.5 inches



Brown Pacific Crest

Item #147002
Repeat Size: 16.5 inches



Overall Sapphire

Item #111319
Repeat Size: 25 inches



Tsi Mayoh

Item #29956
Repeat Size: 24 inches



Walking Rock Red

Item #111320
Repeat Size: 25.5 inches



Walking Rock White/Black

Item# 17297
Repeat size: 22.5 inches



Condensed White

Item #12886
Repeat Size: 9.5 inches


Condensed Black and Orange.JPG

Condensed Black/Orange

Item #30056
Repeat Size: 9.5 inches



Condensed Turquoise

Item#: 12885
Repeat size: 9.5 inches


Basket Maker Tonal

Basket Maker Tonal

Item #40700
Repeat Size: 17 inches


Beargrass Mountain.JPG

Beargrass Mountain

Item #02618
Repeat Size: 25 inches


Echo Peaks.JPG

Echo Peaks

Item #147835
Repeat Size: 13 inches


Falcon Cove.JPG

Falcon Cove

Item #40701
Repeat Size: 11 inches


Mountain Majesty.JPG


Mountain Majesty

Item #02344
Repeat Size: 60 inches


Overall Black.jpg

Overall Black

Item #30422
Repeat Size: 31 inches


Painted Desert.JPG

Painted Desert

Item #15730
Repeat Size: 18 inches


Peaceful Ones.JPG

Peaceful Ones

Item #90289
Repeat Size: 52 inches


San Miguel

San Miguel

Item #30423
Repeat Size: 19 inches


SOP Small Repeat.JPG

Spirit Of The Peoples

Item #78211
Repeat Size: 11 inches
(Limited Quantity Available)