Mill Ends

To place an order, please call the Woolen Mill Store at (503) 535-5786 or email For security purposes we cannot accept payment information via email

We will do our best to provide you with a variety of colors but cannot guarantee the presence of any specific pattern, color, or fabric type

Pendleton Woolen Mills has always been committed to a “zero mill waste” policy. Efficient use of all mill products was part of our mission in 1909, when we re-opened a stilled factory in Pendleton, Oregon. It is an even stronger part of Pendleton’s mission today.  Our trimmings, selvages, and headers inspire crafters while fulfilling our goal of sending zero pounds to landfill.

Wooly Worms – $1.00/lb

Wooly worms are the selvage edges of finished blankets. They are 1/4-1/2 inches wide and vary in length.

Premium Strips – $4.50/lb – SOLD OUT

Premium strips are selvage edges from finished merino wool blankets and throw edges. They are 1-2 inches wide, and the length varies.

Scrap Fabric Strips – $1.50/lb

Scrap strips are fabric strips from a variety of fabrics, wool is not guaranteed. Random size and length.

Header – $5.00/lb

Maximum phone order quantity is 10 lbs. Header refers to miscellaneous pieces of wool fabric. Header pieces range in feet and length. Fabrics may be napped or unnapped, in a combination of heavyweight or lightweight fabrics.

Selvages are narrow, feathery strips trimmed from the edges of fabrics. Shown are selvages from a blue, ivory and grey woolen flannel. Selection varies.

Selvage – $2.50/lb

Also Available at our Washougal Mill Store Location!

Selvage is the trimming from the edges of fabric, available in two different weights:

Blanket weight – heaviest and thickest

Apparel weight – medium to light weight

Please specify when ordering which weight you would like. Colors and patterns are not guarenteed.