Camper Redux with Pendleton by Sunbrella Fabrics

Camper Fun Awaits!

The 4th of July weekend is almost here! Will you be camping? Will you be camping in style? To inspire you, please enjoy these before and after shots from Megan, who used Pendleton by Sunbrella fabric to spruce up her camper.


A U-shaped eating area in a camper.

Here is after!

A U-shaped eating area in a camper with bright Pendleton by Sunbrella fabric cushions.

Here is her note:

Here is a pic of our new camper cushions! We took the camper on a 4 day road trip in eastern Oregon last weekend and the fabric is great. It seems to wear well, and resisted all the abuse two teenagers and three dogs could throw at it! Not to mention it looks FABULOUS. Thank you so much for helping me create the Pendleton camper of my dreams! 


Sunbrella Specs

Sunbrella fabrics are incredible for indoor/outdoor use. They are fade-proof, stain-proof, and mildew-proof. Learn more about their properties and sustainable manufacturing process here:

Pendleton by Sunbrella Fabrics

And if you’d like to see them for yourself, pay us a visit. Have a safe and fun 4th.

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Crochet Rug with Pendleton Selvage

Photo of a crocheted wool rug made of Pendleton wool scraps, a crochet hook, and a strip of selvage.

Here is a project to enjoy now, and for a lifetime of crafting.


  • Size Q crochet hook
  • Five pounds of selvages (makes approximately 2′ x 3′ rug)
  • Scissors


Getting Started

  • Wind the selvage into balls.
  • In most cases, you’ll want to keep two strands of selvage layered together, rather than separating them – it is much easier to work with and you’ll get a thicker rug!
  • If you can’t find an end, cut one.


Crochet Time

  • The center chain of your rug will determine the shape.
  • A very short chain (2-4 stitches or the width of the palm of your hand) will give you a round rug.
  • A medium length chain (6-12 stitches or the space from wrist to elbow) will give you a soft oval.
  • A long chain (16-24 stitches or the length of your leg) will give you a more defined oval.



  • As loose as possible.
  • Try to leave at least two fingers’ worth of space in each stitch.
  • If you are having trouble crocheting loosely, try doing it without the hook and just use your fingers!


Row 1

  • Single crochet your way down one side of the chain.
  • When you get to the end of the chain, chain one extra stitch (aka increase) and then single crochet back up the other side of the chain.


Row 2-end

  • Repeat around the central chain.
  • Increase at the ends of the rug (for example, as you go into and out of the curve at the end of the oval) to allow it to lay flat.
  • You may need to experiment and adjust your increases in order to shape your rug.



When you have 6-12” of selvage left, weave in the end using your fingers or a yarn needle.



There are a few different options for splicing the selvage together when you reach the end of a ball.

  • Layer at least 6” of the old strand with at least 6” of the new strand and keep crocheting.
  • Pull approximately 2” of the weft (horizontal) yarn out of the warp and discard. Tie the old and new strands together with a double knot. Trim the ends even with the selvage fringe and the knot will disappear.
  • Pull approximately 2” of the weft (horizontal) yarn out of the warp and discard. Tie individual warp threads together with a double knot. Trim the ends even with the selvage fringe.



  • If the rug begins to form a bowl, you are not increasing enough.
  • If the rug begins to ruffle, you are increasing too much.


Caring For Your Rug

You can dry clean or hand wash your rug if you like. However, these rugs are sturdy! You can safely vacuum them or wash them in a washing machine. If you would like to felt your rug (the loose yarn will twist into tufts), wash in hot water. If you would like your selvage to stay more eyelashy, wash your rug in cold water. Block after washing so rug will retain its shape. Lay flat to dry or tumble dry low.


Upholstery in 1/12 scale with Pendleton Wool

A dollhouse chair upholstered in Pendleton wool

Fun with Scrap!

A creative customer name Sherrill sent us photos of her newest dollhouse furniture project; a wooden chair with Chief Joseph cushions. Sherril wrote to say, “I’ve been having fun with the scraps I bought. This is a dollhouse scene. I bent the wood for this chair and selected just the right motifs from the Chief Joseph design.”

Another view of the dollhouse scene

We can’t get over how fun this is, and have been eyeing our scraps, wondering which motifs (or tiny plaids) would lend themselves to miniature upholstery.

How about you?

Have you done something fun with our scrap that you’d like to share? Drop us a line and show us your stuff!

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Pueblo Dwelling Projects

A Note from a Customer

Astrid sends us the following:

Attached are some photos of my chairs and other projects like runners that I did with the pueblo dwelling fabric. It is such a beautiful fabric and of course I had to order more!  


Thank you for sharing, Astrid! Aren’t these photos inspiring?

Before and After

Two traditional wooden dining chairs sit side-by-side in a sewing room. The chair to the right has green striped velvet as its upholstered seat, and the chair to the left has been covered in Pendleton Pueblo Dwelling wool fabric. Well, actually this is after (left) and before (right). We love the look of these traditional chairs recovered with our fabric.

Below is a table’s worth of beautiful chairs, upholstered with different parts of the pattern’s repeat.

Four traditional wooden dining chairs, recovered in Pendleton Pueblo Dwelling wool fabric.

Jacquard Looms

Many jacquard-loomed fabrics give you twice the options with just one fabric, because the face of the fabric can vary so dramatically from the reverse of the fabric. Pueblo Dwelling is one such example; one side might is solid with bright geometric patterns, and the reverse is bold and beautiful stripes with black geometric patterns.

Astrid has shown this off with her four chairs. The two center chairs use the exact same part of the pattern repeat. The fabric’s face is on the left, and the reverse on the right. The chairs to the far left and right are made the same way with a different part of the repeat.

So when you select a Pendleton wool jacquard fabric, remember that you have lots of options, based on which side of the fabric you use, and which parts of the pattern you highlight. We are trying to photograph our new fabrics with a fold to show the reverse whenever we can, so you have a clear sense of both sides.

Fun with Leftovers

A woode end table sits next to a leather chair, with a piece of Pendleton Pueblo Dwelling wool fabric on top of the table, with a vase of bright flowers and a Kleenex box.

Astrid hasn’t let her leftover fabric go to waste; and this isn’t just about how wool looks. Wool makes an exceptionally absorbent table covering that will keep your wooden surfaces safe from spills. Liquid usually just beads up on top of it, and you can roll it off into the sink.

Are you inspired?

Give us a call at the store 503.535.5786 or 1.866.865.9285 or email us at   We can ship right to your door.

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Something fun for Friday: Custom Suits with Pendleton Wool

A Customer Note

We received these fun photos from one of our customers, and wanted to share with you all for a Friday smile.

Dear Pendleton,

I hope this is something that can put a smile to your face, and hopefully be shared with other Pendleton fans. My husband, Jordan, and his best friend Ian, each had custom suits made with Pendleton Wool, and they absolutely couldn’t be happier.


Jordan’s jacket is made of the “Basket Maker Turquoise” sponge weight fabric, and his pants are the Eco-wise wool in “Berry”. Ian’s jacket is made of “Pine Top Red”, and his paints are the color “Doe.” They accessorized with bolo ties, belt buckles, and the Stetson hats that they purchased over 10 years ago when they originally graduated. Both suits were beautifully tailored in Albuquerque, New Mexico by the tailor at Final Stitch Alterations and Clothing, who, I think, was pretty surprised by this request. I should also credit Ian’s dog Ned, who wanted to be in the picture.

Originally, they intended that the maiden voyage of these suits would be a yearly alumni event held in early March for their fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta, at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, where Ian, Jordan, and I attended college. Unfortunately, like so many other people during these challenging times, we were unable to attend this year’s event because of work requirements related to cross-state travel and quarantine.  Instead, Ian and his wife Maria hosted Jordan and I for our own mini alumni event in Albuquerque to celebrate our friendship, our health, and of course, the Pendleton suits. With any luck, the suits will make a more public debut at next year’s event. 

Thank you!


Emily thank YOU for sharing. We love seeing what creative people imagine with our fabrics.

More information needed?

Give us a call to find out about these fabrics, or any others you need for your projects. We are able to take orders via email and phone, and are happy to ship right to your door.

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A Happy Customer with the WMS Upholstery Door Service

A note from a happy customer

Hi All,
I wanted to send a note to let you and your team know how pleased we are with our new cushions. The seamstress did such a fabulous job lining up the pattern and just the overall quality. The ladies who were at the store when I picked up the cushions asked if I would send a photo. Here is a before and after of the sunken living room in our 1972 home. We are in the process of remodeling the entire home to a “modern lodge” theme – this room is now our favorite!
Thanks again,

We are happy to share this beautiful transformation!





Door Service

We are offering door service for upholstery projects. We are happy to provide a quote for labor and materials.

  • Shop fabrics online at
  • Request swatches to see colors in your room or match existing décor. We will mail them, and this is a complimentary service.
  • Email us at woolenmillstore@penwool.comand include a picture, and dimensions (length x width x height).
  • We will email your estimate.

More information needed?

If you need information about materials or have any questions, please give us a call at (503) 535-5786.

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A Kit Project for #CraftingatHome

Two checkered pillows on a background of white linen. These pillows are made from strips of Pendleton wool felt binding in Navy Blue and White.

Introducing our newest craft kit for woven wool pillows!

This kit contains all needed supplies to make a pillow, woven from our wool binding (70%wool/30% rayon). You will learn basic weaving and beginning sewing techniques. We’ve made the kit in grey and white. So versatile!

A craft kit for making a pillow of woven wool, with the bagged kit, a finished pillow, and a board with weaving in process shown.


Email us at to order while supplies last! The Woven Pillow kit is $20.00, plus $7.00 shipping.

More options for you

And if you already have this craft down pat from taking our class on the subject, keep in mind that we sell felt binding in a rainbow of 19 colors by the yard! It is 1.5” wide and $1.00 a yard!  Just imagine the customized color combos you can choose.

See all the colors here: Felt Binding

If you need information about materials or have any questions, please give us a call at (503) 535-5786. Happy crafting!

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Free Online Tutorial: Sew a Tote!

Join us for a free online class!

A woman stands with the jacquard tote bag slung over her shoulder.

  • Get up close and personal to a work in progress.
  • Make an easy-to-sew tote out of Pendleton wool fabric.
  • All materials used in this tutorial are available to order by phone from our store.

Ready to learn?

Screen shot from a free online tutorial for sewing a jacquard wool Pendleton tote bag. A blonde woman holds p the finished bag, she is seated next to a sewing machine.

Click here to watch the class: Jacquard Tote Bag Class


If you need information about materials used, or have any questions, please give us a call at (503) 535-5786. Happy crafting!

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Miss Rodeo Oregon Takes the Stage in Pendleton Wool


Miss Rodeo America Contestant

The Pendleton Woolen Mill Store was delighted to be part of the unique and beautiful attire worn by Taylor Ann Skramstad as she competed in the Miss Rodeo America Pageant. Here are the designers who worked with her in styling these unique outfits:  Ariana Head, Judy Benzel, Harris Sisters Collaborative, Kanaine, and Char Bracher.


Making Oregon Proud

Taylor Ann Skramstad is the daughter of Scott and Kelly Skramstad of Umapine, Oregon.  Growing up with her three younger siblings on the Lazy SK Quarter Horse Ranch, she has helped her family raise and train countless horses.  Taylor Ann has been competing in rodeos since an early age and she continues to compete in Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping, and Team Roping at the college level.


Looking Ahead

A senior at Eastern Oregon University with a dual enrollment at Oregon State University, Taylor Ann is majoring in Agricultural Science and minoring in Agronomy.  After completing her bachelor’s degree, she plans to attend law school. Taylor Ann is passionate about agriculture and fascinated by government and policy.  She plans to combine her interests by running for a seat on the Oregon State Senate to advocate for Oregon agriculture and Eastern Oregon.

It was a pleasure to work with Taylor Ann and her team. We hope you find her personal story AND her Pendleton looks inspiring!

Miss Oregon Rodeo 2019, Taylor Ann Sramstad, poses for a photo wearing rust-colored jeans and a jeans-style jacket made from Pendleton wool. She is wearing herw Miss Oregon Rodeo 2019 sash, and a white western hat adorned with her title tiara.

And remember:

If you live out of town, or you can’t get out of the house…March 2020 might be a great time to get projects done! We can ship directly to your house, and our fabrics are on sale this month 30% off! Call 1-866-865-9285 or email us Free shipping on $ 250.00 our fabrics are on sale this month 30% off!  Pre-shop at And then give us a call to place your order.


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Upholstery Magic with Pendleton Wool

From Tattered to Fabulous

As you may know, the Woolen Mill Store offers upholstery service when  purchasing wool fabric from our amazing inventory. One of our customers sent photos of the most adorable child’s chair re-upholstered for their daughter and new grandchild.

Side by side photos of a child's chair. The before shot shows a small winback chair with tattered brown vinyl upholstery. The after chair is covered in Pendleton wool in the "San Miguel" pattern, of ivory and red crosses on a grey background.

Inspiring, yes?

How to Get Started

Please send an email to with the subject line UPHOLSTERY INQUIRY, including the following information:

  • Type of furniture to be upholstered.
  • Dimensions of piece and/or cushions.
  • A photo of the piece to be upholstered.
  • Your choice of fabric – visit the store or see a selection of fabrics by clicking the Fabrics tab at the top of the page.

And what happens next?

We’ll get back to you with a price quote and the next steps. All upholstery orders must be pre-paid. Pickup and delivery service is available for an additional fee.

Thanks to Mrs Hutchinson for sharing!