We carry a wide variety of supplies for sewing and other fiber arts!

Black and white table runner made of Pendleton wool, strip of black felt binding, pair of scissors, all sitting on a grey backgound.


Felt Binding (new tab)

Felt binding is what Pendleton uses to finish the edges of the blankets. It is 1.5 inches wide, and comes in a variety of colors. It is 70% wool and 30% Rayon. See binding options here: BINDING 


Pendleton Color Play wool roving; six pieces of wool roving arranged on a grey background, with a square of white styrofoam and a sharp needle tool for wool felting.

Pendleton ColorPlay Wool Roving (new tab) 

Pendleton ColorPlay wool roving is fluffy, colored, wool fiber that can be used for spinning or felting. It comes in 24 colors. See wool roving options here: ROVING

Pendleton yarn, five skeins, arranged on a blue denim background. Wool colors are grey, rust, green, teal and purple.

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We carry knitting yarn–See all the details of what’s in stock here: YARN

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We carry a carefully curated selection of patterns at the Woolen Mill Store — garments and accessories that we know will sew up beautifully in our wool fabrics. We can help you with more information about these styles over the phone. See a list of our patterns here: PATTERNS

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Need some inspiration for your next project? we have a list of free patterns and projects using Pendleton wool fabric and scraps! See them here: FREE PATTERNS


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