Fabric Sale/Use Terms

Terms for Using Pendleton® Fabric and Blankets

Pendleton’s fabric and blankets bear exclusive copyrighted designs owned by Pendleton and protected by federal copyright registrations. Pendleton’s designs cannot be used commercially without express permission from Pendleton. Likewise, the name Pendleton® and Pendleton’s various labels are registered trademarks owned by Pendleton.
Customers may request permission to re-sell products made of Pendleton® fabric and/or blankets. If you are interested in using Pendleton fabric or a blanket to make other products for resale, please contact us. Any customer who receives approval from Pendleton must follow these terms:

-Fabric customers may not use the Pendleton® trademark in the name of the finished product
Please note this also includes the title of products sold online included but (not limited to) online selling markets such as Etsy, Instagram, and eBay

-Fabric customers may not use any Pendleton logos or labels on any finished product, packaging, or promotional material, or infer in any way (directly or indirectly) that Pendleton endorsed or collaborated on the finished product

-In the product fabric description, the customer may say the product is “made with Pendleton® fabric”, using the circle R trademark symbol.

Fabric Use Agreement

Purchases of jacquard fabrics exceeding 25 yards/annually require an approved Fabric Use Agreement. Email woolenmillstore@penwool.com to request a form.

Resale Agreement

Items made for the purpose of resale require an approved Resale Agreement. Email wholesalefabric@penmills.com to request an agreement.

Furniture production with Pendleton fabric is not permitted without approval.

Fabric Resale

With the exception of approved wholesale accounts, distribution of fabric is strictly prohibited and includes [but not limited to] online and physical market places.

Fabric stores, fabric stocking interior design houses, and upholstery stores are not permitted to stock and sell Pendleton fabric without prior approval.

Fabric Testing Statement

Fabric testing requirements and certifications vary depending on the application. Fabrics are sold as-is and Pendleton disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, warranties of merchantability, safety, or fitness for a particular purpose.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to conduct testing for fitness for their particular end use.

Trade/Wholesale Inquiries

Fabric: wholesalefabric@penmills.com

Finished Goods: Wholesale Inquiry | Pendleton (pendleton-usa.com)

International Shipping

The Woolen Mill Store ships fabric and raw materials within the United States only. For security purposes, billing address must match shipping address. Woolen Mill Store is unable to ship to package rerouting services.