A Beautiful Mural Celebrates the Columbia River

Washougal, Washington

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Washougal is just across the bridge from Portland. In fact, it sits on the banks of the beautiful Columbia River. One reason to visit? You can see the new mural on the north wall of the Pendleton Woolen Mills building.

Mural on the Pendleton Woolen Mills building - Columbia River

The design incorporates Pendleton’s park and camp stripes into a landscape of the Columbia Gorge, and includes the river’s landmarks. Sharp-eyed viewers have identified Cape Horn, Beacon Rock, Mount Hood and the Columbia River. This is a perfect place for a selfie or two. Tag us with @pendletonwm or #Pendleton because we would love to see your smiles against this colorful backdrop.

Artist Travis London

Travis London stands on a mechanical lift to sketch in his design for the mural

The mural had its official unveiling and dedication last fall. Travis London, a Vancouver School District art teacher who grew up in Washougal, has painted quite a few public murals there. His next project will be a mural on the Inter-Faith Treasure House building. The mural, artist, and event were featured in the East Oregonian. 

The mural is inveiled and people take cellphone photos.

According to the article, Travis first approached the company in 2012. “It means a lot,” he said. “I grew up in Washougal, and I’ve been here basically my whole life. That building is one of the town’s (most significant cultural) landmarks. Leaving my mark and creating something that the com-munity can appreciate makes me feel really good. That’s the whole point of doing public art — trying to connect with the community and hopefully make something that they enjoy.” Pendleton gifted artist Travis London with a blanket to thank him for his vision and persistence.

Artist Travis London is wrapped in a Crater Lake National Park blanket by Pendleton managers.

Come see the mural in person!

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