National Park Foundation – An update on our partnership

By the numbers

Friday, 4/28 was an exciting day for us at Pendleton.

That’s right, we were able to change the numbers on our Washougal Mill Store sign, having reached an exciting donation milestone of over 1.5 million dollars!!

Through sales of the National Park Collection–the blankets, mugs, apparel and other park stripe items you see in the retail merchandise part of our store–we are part of Pendleton’s company-wide support of the National Park Foundation, the nonprofit dedicated to protecting and preserving America’s more than 400 national parks.

This partnership is thriving!

Our Projects

Pendleton’s partnership has supported two landmark park preservation projects. Our first was in Glacier National Park, at the beautiful Many Glacier Hotel. Restoration of the historic lobby included rebuilding the iconic helical staircase, which had been displaced by a gift shop.

Read more here: Helical Stairs

Our second project is restoration and preservation of the historic Grand Canyon Train Depot in Grand Canyon National Park. The historic wooden station is a landmark, the place where generations have met to go explore the wonders of the Grand Canyon. Its restoration is currently ongoing, with a special focus on enhancing the accessibility so all guests can enjoy the train.

Read more here: Grand Canyon Depot

We’re excited to announce a new project. We will be contributing to the development and support of the Desert View Inter-Tribal Cultural Heritage Site at Grand Canyon National Park. This includes the Desert View Watchtower, designed by architect Mary Colter.

Read more here: Desert View Heritage Center

Committed to the Future

“The national parks have been an important part of Pendleton’s heritage from the very early days,” said Pendleton CEO John Bishop. “Our National Parks Collection dates back to 1916. It is an honor to be able to continue to partner with the National Park Foundation to help support the inspiring work they do across our treasured national parks.”

We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you all for your support.