Remodel, Reset, Enjoy!

Changes at the Store

As many of you know, we have finally completed (most of) our store refresh. It started with our exterior, with a bold new paint color scheme, and beautiful lit signs, and some landscaping.

Inside, there are always finishing touches. We’re preparing the classroom area for the resumption of classes, and adding shelves and bins to accommodate all the wonderful new supplies we have for you here at the Woolen Mill Store.

Here is a peek at the process of setting up the new floorplan:

Hard Work and Beautiful Results

We hope to see you soon to share the fruits of our labors. Come see us at:

Pendleton Woolen Mill Store
8500 SE McLoughlin Blvd. Portland, OR 97222
(503) 535-5786 • • WoolenMiIIStore@penwool.comLeave a comment

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