Get Crafty for December!

Selvage By the Pound

Buy one, get one free (a pound, that is…) while supplies last!

Bins of crafting supplies
So much good stuff to craft with!
piles of supplies for crafting projexcts.
It’s looking crafty in here!

Gifts for Crafters

needle felting kits

sewing, crafting books

knitting supplies and yarn

outerwear patterns

exclusive Woolen Mill Store patterns and crafting guides!

We’re Open

Pendleton Woolen Mill Store
8500 SE McLoughlin Blvd. Portland, OR 97222
(503) 535-5786 • •

7 thoughts on “Get Crafty for December!”

    1. Yes we do! We have several types to choose from. Please give us a call or come in to see them.

  1. I can’t seem to get an email response. I need the black thread/yarn that you use to blanket stitch saddle blankets.

      1. Hi, we are looking for your mail to reply, but in the meantime, we no longer carry the 3ply yarn used for whipstitching blankets.

  2. Hello,just found your web site an I would like woolen marterial the size to make a 16″ pillow. I received a 23″x 14″ as a gift and would like to make a “go with” pillow. This has a deer skin back n fringe and i have the deer skin. An answer would be appreciated. Thank you. Rose Hams

    1. Hello! We have different fabrics in stock and would be happy to work with you in email. Drop us a line at and if you want to send along a photo of the pillow you’re trying to match, that would be wonderful.

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