Sunbrella Fabrics

Pendleton by Sunbrella

Pendleton has partnered with Glenraven on a line of Pendleton-patterned outdoor fabrics perfect for all outdoor uses, including awnings, furniture, umbrellas, and anything else you can think of. They also work indoors, for ultra-durable upholstery and accent pillows, and in craft projects like bags and backpacks.

Beach scene with a small tent made with Pendleton by Sunbrella fabrics used in a tent, chair, and pillows.

Like Pendleton, Glenraven (the company that produces Sunbrella fabrics) is a multi-generational family business. Also like Pendleton, Glenraven is headquartered in the USA. And, again, like Pendleton, they have maintained a strong commitment to weaving in the USA.

You can see the Glenraven mill in action in this video.

One key reason Pendleton has been so proud to work with Glenraven lies in the company’s commitment to sustainability. Any used Sunbrella fabric can be returned to the company for recycling and re-use through their Renaissance program. You can read all about that here: Sustainability and Sunbrella

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Sunbrella Fabric Attributes

Strength – UV/Fade, Stain, Mold/Mildew Resistant

Easy Care – Simple Soap & Water Cleaning, Bleach Approved

Greenguard Gold Certified – Low Particle/Chemical Emissions

Pendleton by Sunbrella fabrics use dyed threads for weaving, which means vivid, lasting color. That’s a similiarity to wool, which also takes dye all the way to the core.

Did you know you can set a Sunbrella fabric in a bucket of bleach, and it won’t change its color? These fabrics will not run, stain, or fade…ever. The world’s clumsiest person can’t ruin Sunbrella fabrics, though you can watch someone try in this video.


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Zapotec Adobe

Eagle Rock

Chief Joseph Aqua

Harding Tonal

Harding Indigo

Canyonlands Desert

Diamond River Tonal Midnight by Pendleton by Sunbrella fabrics

Diamond River Tonal Midnight

Repeat Size 17 inches

Crater Lake National Park Stripe b Pendleton by Sunbrella fabrics

Crater Lake

Repeat Size 17 inches (full stripe to stripe)

Grand Canyon National Park Stripe by Pendleton by Sunbrella fabrics

Grand Canyon

Repeat Size 21 inches (full stripe to stripe)

Yellow Stone


Serape Turquoise fabric by Pendleton by Sunbrella fabrics.

Serape Turquoise

Repeat Size 17 inches (full stripe to stripe)

Blue Ombre Indigo Plaid by Pendleton by Sunbrella fabrics

Blue Ombre Plaid Indigo

Repeat Size 4 inches

Mill Cloth, Sand fabric by Pendleton by SUnbrella fabrics

Mill Cloth Sand

Repeat Size inches