Melton and Eco-Wise

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Eco-Wise. $60/yard. 20 oz/yard. 54-56 inches wide.

Cradle to Cradle Certified by MBDC. Smooth texture, lighter than Melton with more drape. Great for upholstery and outerwear.

Doe Eco-Wise fabric

2008 Doe

2009 Buckskin

2010 Chaps

2030 Mesquite

2013 Tobacco

walnut Eco-Wise fabric

2007 Walnut

Rainforest Eco-Wise fabric

2016 Rainforest

2011 Maize

Squash Eco-Wise fabric

2012 Squash

2027 Geranium

Peony Eco-Wise fabric

2028 Peony

Violet Eco-Wise fabric

2025 Violet

Hyacinth Eco-Wise fabric

2024 Hyacinth 

Caspian Eco-Wise fabric

2019 Caspian 

Marine Eco-Wise fabric

2022 Marine

Dusk Blue Eco-Wise fabric

2020 Dusk Blue

Reef Eco-Wise fabric

2018 Reef

Black Eco-Wise fabric

102 Black

Bamboo Eco-Wise fabric

2014 Bamboo

2015 Fern

Grey Eco-Wise fabric

M49 Grey Flannel

Charcoal Eco-Wise fabric

S97 Charcoal Flannel

Light Brown/Oatmeal heather Eco-Wise fabric

Light Brown/Oatmeal Heather


Melton. $35/yard. 24 oz/yard. 54-56 inches wide.

Durable, element resistant woven wool fabric with thick fibers. Great for upholstery and outerwear.

Dark red melton wool fabric

Scarlet (a darker red)

Bright Scarlet

Dark cardinalmelton wool fabric

Dark Cardinal (darker purplish red)

Columbia Blue melton wool fabric

Columbia Blue

AF Blue melton wool fabric

Air Force Blue

Royal Blue melton wool fabric


Dark navy blue melton wool fabric


Dark Green melton wool fabric


Camel melton wool fabric


Black melton wool fabric