Light & Medium-Weight Jacquard Fabric

Light & Medium-Weight Jacquard Fabric

The Woolen Mill store is the flagship Pendleton Fabric Store with more than 300 rolls of wool fabric hanging! Click on the images to see bigger pictures.

Check back often, as new fabrics are added on a regular basis.  Quantities of some fabrics may be limited.  Please call the store at (503) 535-5786 to place an order or request swatches.  Keep in mind that colors on your computer screen may not match actual fabric colors.  For best color matching, call the Woolen Mill Store to request a fabric swatch.

For questions, call the Woolen Mill Store at (503) 535-5786 or email us at


Lightweight Jacquard options:

12-16 oz. per yard
63″ wide


LW Harding Sage 2

Harding Sage

Regular price $64 yd
Item# 20384
Repeat size: 31.5″



TB Stripe LW Tan

Regular price $64 yd
Item# 57367
Repeat size: 9″


A swatch of Pendleton wool fabric in Pinetop Red. A geometric pattern in lines with steppes, in various shades of red, light brown and ivory.

Pine Top Red

Regular price $64 yd
Item #96166
Repeat Size: 11 inches


A swatch of Pendleton fabric in Pino Trail, a geometric pattern with lines of light blue, light brown, and ivory.

Pino Trail

Regular price $64 yd
Item #01530
Repeat Size: 15 inches
*Limited Quantities*

Mini Chief Joseph

Mini Chief Joseph

Regular price $64 yd
Item #001585
Repeat Size: 9.25 inches


Swatch of Pendleton wool fabric in Turquoise Trail, with black background and bold geometric pattern in bright colors, with turquoise medallions and stripes of red, orange and yellow.

Turquoise Trail

Regular price $64 yd
Item# 162440
Repeat Size: 14 inches

Medium-Weight Jacquard Options:

  • $74/yard
  • 20-25 oz. per yard
  • 63″ wide

BrokenArrow_red copy

Broken Arrow red

Regular price $ 74.00 yd
Item# 19265
Repeat size: 10.5″



Pueblo Dwelling

Regular price $74 yd
Item# 126144
Repeat size: 34.5″


Big Desert Sky

Regular price $74 yd
Item# 115717
Repeat size: 44″


ThunderQuarrel copy

Thunder Quarrel 

Regular price $ 74.00 yd
Item# 19271
Repeat size: 37″




Regular price $ 74.00 yd
Item# 116293
Repeat size: 23″


Swatch of Pendleton wool fabric in a border print with mostly navy blue background, with stripes of ivory, tan and light blue covered with small navy blue arrows, and an intermittent Harding medallion on a stripe of ivory.

Harding Navy Stripe

Regular price $ 74.00 yd
Item #01541
Repeat Size: 18 inches

MW Journey West 83278 11.5inJourney West

Regular price $ 74.00 yd
Item# 83278
Repeat size: 11.5″


Swatch of Pendleton wool fabric in Classic Rust, a mostly ivory background with diamond shapes in rust and puce, with stripes of yellow.

Classic Rust

Item #108771
Repeat Size: 6.25 inches

*Limited Quantities*